Sick of Shaving? 3 Alternative Ways To Remove Hair At Home

Hair removal is incredibly common in the United States, especially for women. More than 99% of American women remove their body hair, with 85% doing it every day. There are a variety of ways to remove body hair, ranging from temporary to permanent. Many techniques for body hair removal, such as laser hair removal and electrolysis, are most often done by professionals, like Defy Nature LLC. While you may think that shaving is the only at-home method, there are other at-home hair removal options that many are unaware of.

Small Laser Hair Removal Devices

Laser hair removal involves using a laser beam to destroy the bulb of the hair. This form of hair removal is long lasting and often has to be done by a professional. However, now there are at home options that utilize lasers. The difference between these lasers and the ones found in a professional's office is that lasers that can be used at home are less powerful. At-home laser hair removal also takes more time than a professional treatment. While it can take longer to get results, at home-laser hair removal is a great choice for anyone who is on a budget and can't afford professional treatment.


Epilators are another at-home hair removal option that many are unaware of. Using an epilator is a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. An epilator is essentially a rotating head with multiple tweezers that work to remove lots of hairs quickly and with little pain. The results can last up to about 4 weeks and hair is often less noticeable when it grows back. It's also a great alternative to waxing since many come with coolant packs or massage options which numb the skin area.


Threading is another hair removal technique that can be done at home. This technique uses cotton threads that pull hair from the root when they are twisted. Threading works best over small areas that need hair removal. It is most often done for eyebrows and facial hair. There are many advantages of this type of hair removal. It is less irritating than other forms of hair removal. It is also inexpensive, requiring only cotton threads. It's also easy to be very exact with this hair removal technique, especially after practicing for a while. This type of hair removal lasts about as long as waxing.

There are many different ways to remove hair at home. Laser hair removal, threading, and epilating can all be done at home to remove unwanted body and facial hair.

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