The Differences Between Skin Tags And Warts

Skin tags and warts don't really signify any health issues but they can be embarrassing and unsightly. Anytime you see something pop up on your skin it can be worrisome. Both of these skin conditions are innocent to your health and can be removed with the right treatment. A lot of what determines whether these growths cause any issues depends on where they are located on your body. In an effort to understand how you can get these growths and how to remove them, you want to understand the differences between them so you know exactly which of these you have. Here are some ways to determine whether you have a skin tag or wart and how it can be treated. 


As soon as you spot a growth on your skin, it could be several things. Skin tags and warts look very similar but they have different characteristics that set them apart. One of them is the location in which they appear. Typically, skin tags will appear in the creases of your skin, such as arm pit areas, eye lids, or inside of the creases on your neck. They usually protrude from the skin and can have a small stalk on them. 

Warts look considerably different in the fact that they are more rounded and can be found in clusters. Some warts will contain a small black dot in the center which is often called a seed. Warts are commonly located on the feet, hands, and genital area. 


Another key difference in warts and skin tags are when they are likely to show up. Skin tags usually appear in aging adults, whereas warts appear in children and young adults. Pregnant women tend to get skin tags as they gain weight. They won't usually go away unless removed manually. 

Removal Process

Unless they are causing you to be uncomfortable, skin tags do not need to be removed. Occasionally, the rubbing of your skin and clothes can irritate the skin tag and cause it to bleed. Skin tags are not contagious and they won't spread to other parts of your body by contact. 

Warts are considered contagious and can spread from one part of the body to another and from one person to another. Warts can disappear on their own, but there is not a timeframe for how long they will stay. In an effort to remove warts, there are numerous treatment methods. Some dermatologists will freeze them off which involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and remove it. Some dermatologists will have you apply salicylic acid to help remove the warts in the convenience of your own home. Contact a dermatology office that specializes in aesthetic dermatology if you have additional questions.   

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