Battling The Breakouts: 4 Bad Habits That Lead To Skincare Problems

Good skincare takes commitment. If you've found yourself yearning for better, healthier skin, you might want to take a look at your daily habits. There are many things that people do every day that can lead to skin issues, even if they seem minor at the time. Here are a few of the most common skincare bad habits.

1. Exfoliating Your Skin Too Much

Some exfoliation is good -- so more exfoliation has to be better, right? This mistake comes from an inherent misunderstanding regarding what exfoliation does. Exfoliation is designed to remove dead skin cells, before dirt and moisture can build up beneath them and potentially cause breakouts and blackheads. But if you exfoliate too much, you begin damaging the healthy, youthful skin below. That ultimately leads to the same problem you're trying to avoid: broken, patchy, and uneven skin.

2. Caking On the Lotion

Face lotions shouldn't be applied liberally! They should be used to cover your skin and then be rubbed gently in; there shouldn't be excess lotion on your skin once you're done. If your skin feels greasy or wet when you're going to bed, it's a bad sign. Putting on too much lotion will clog your pores, make it difficult for your skin to breathe, and start to collect dirt.

3. Forgetting to Take Off the Makeup

The less time you're wearing makeup, the better; even makeup designed for sensitive skin will ultimately end up clogging your pores and causing more harm than good. You may even find that you progressively need more makeup and concealer because of it! If you find yourself having difficulties taking off your makeup at the end of the night, you can invest in makeup cleaning wipes. Just put them by your night stand so you can't forget.

4. Rubbing Your Eyes

When allergy season -- or the dry winter months -- roll around, it's easy to start rubbing your eyes. You might even do it when you're tired. But the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most fragile skin on your face. Being too rough with your eyes can lead to permanent wrinkles. When you feel tempted to rub your eyes, you may want to throw on a pair of sunglasses, instead, just as a reminder.

Those with serious skin care issues may want to consult with a dermatologist like Waccamaw Dermatology & Plastic Surgery LLC. While there are many habits that you can develop (and avoid) to improve your skin care, there are also some conditions that require medication. 

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