Five Good Reasons You Need To Use Moisturizer

Most women's vanity contains at least one jar, tube, or container of facial moisturizer. However, many only use the products occasionally, if at all. While it may seem that applying moisturizer to your skin is just one more step that you don't have time for, it's actually important to the overall health of your complexion. And, moisturizer isn't just beneficial for women; men can keep their skin looking younger and more healthy by using this product, too.

Benefits to using moisturizer regularly

1. Your wrinkles will be less apparent. Dehydrated skin (skin without moisturizer) appears more shriveled and will cause the wrinkles in your skin to be more noticeable. (Think raisins versus plums.)

2. Moisturizer protects your skin from inflammation. Low-grade chronic inflammation can cause collagen to break down over time, which can lead to the formation of more and deeper wrinkles.

3. Your skin will have extra protection against the weather. You don't have to spend a lot of time outside for your skin to become damaged from the sun, wind, and cold. Applying moisturizer to your skin daily (or better, twice daily) will not only create a barrier between your skin and the sun, but will help protect it from wind burn and damage from the cold. Without such protection, you skin can get dull and flaky, even after just a short time outdoors.

4. Your makeup will look more flawless. Even the best, most expert makeup application will look less than perfect if the skin beneath it is less than perfect. For example, mineral powder products are more likely to settle in your facial creases (and accentuate them) when you skin is dehydrated. Even your lipstick will look better and be less likely to "bleed" into those vertical lines around your mouth when you moisturize your lips.

5. Your skin will be less prone to be "itchy." Dry skin can cause you to feel "itchy" and damage your skin, as well as make you look unattractive by scratching constantly.

To get the most out of your moisturizer, select a product that's made for your skin type (dry, normal, combination, oily) and try to apply the lotion the same time every day and evening. Ideally, your moisturizer should contain some level of SPF protection. While moisturizer may seem like a luxury, regular use can help you look younger, give your makeup a boost, and even prevent damage from the outdoor elements.

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