Correcting Common Notions About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are can be a common problem that many people will experience at some point during their lifetime. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that people will have about varicose veins that could dissuade them from seeking the type of treatment that is needed to alleviate this problem.

Myth: Varicose Veins Are Only A Cosmetic Issue

It is often assumed that varicose veins will only be a cosmetic problem. While these veins can create severe cosmetic issues, they can also be extremely painful. In fact, individuals with these veins in their legs will often find that they start to experience intense discomfort if they stand for long periods of time. Unfortunately, this discomfort is likely to worsen as time passes, and this can be particularly true if the varicose vein worsens.

Myth: Only Women Experience Varicose Veins

It is frequently assumed that varicose veins are a problem that is primarily experienced by women. However, it is possible for anyone to develop this problem. Those that must stand for long periods of time will find that they are particularly prone to developing this issue with their veins. Additionally, individuals that are out of shape may be at a higher risk of developing this problem, which can be another important reason for individuals to stay physically active. Lastly, poor circulation can also help to contribute to this problem, which may make it wise to avoid wearing extremely tight-fitting clothing for long periods of time.

Myth: Creams Are The Only Option For Addressing Varicose Veins

When a person develops varicose veins, they may be tempted to assume that creams and balms are the only solutions for addressing this problem. Unfortunately, these options may not be an effective solution. For those that are wanting to have their varicose veins corrected as quickly and effectively as possible, there are surgical procedures that can be used to remove the varicose vein. 

However, this will depend on the location of the vein and the health of the patient. Undergoing an evaluation by a vein treatment specialist will help you to determine whether surgery will be an effective solution for your problem.

If you have developed varicose veins, you will need to make sure that you are informed about this problem so that you can take steps to correct or minimize it. Having these frequently shared myths about varicose veins dispelled should help you with making choices about addressing this painful and embarrassing problem.

For more information, contact your local vein therapy clinic. 

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