How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Keep You Active And Healthy

You do have the option of removing too much fat, and the associated amount of skin and breast tissue from your breasts by undergoing plastic surgery or mammoplasty as the procedure is referred to in the field of plastic surgery. Your excess breast tissue weight can limit you when you're trying to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This is a worrisome condition because the discomfort and self-consciousness you live with everyday can influence you to withdraw from socializing with others.

More Breast-Related Reduction Facts

If you have medical issues caused by excess breast tissue weight, make sure to have your complaint documented by the physician who makes this determination. That sort of evidence helps you when you do decide to have mammoplasty in the future. Your insurance carrier is much more likely to cover the expenses for surgical intervention for a mammoplasty operation that is backed by health-related information. Insurance companies are not inclined to cover your expense for cosmetic-related mammoplasty.

Possible Health-Related Information

Women with excessive breast weight find that they do suffer medical ailments. Apart from negatively limiting your physical activity, you can experience daily and nightly neck and back discomfort from excessive breast weight, which is also responsible for your poor posture. You may be having problems with breathing and sleeping brought on by the weight of your breasts. Other women have skin rashes when excess skin rests and rubs against the same breast area every living day. Finding the right size bra becomes a chore, and so is the task of finding proper clothing sizes too.

The Procedure

Your surgeon will make incisions on your breasts to remove excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue following administration of anesthesia. Liposuction may be used depending on each individual patient's particular excess fat. Excision of fat may be all that is needed in your case. After removal of fat, incision closings are performed to accommodate your now downsized breasts. Your nipple is repositioned after the incision is made, and your areola is reduced if that becomes necessary. The latter option would then be performed by circumferential skin excising.

Mammoplasty And Breast Cancer Screening As Well

Since cancer cells tend to hide in tissue, you can also ask the surgeon who performs your mammoplasty to have your tissue sent off for laboratory testing to determine whether there are any cancer cells in tissue removed from your breast during the breast reduction procedure.

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