Do You Suffer From Trypanophobia? 4 Tips To Get Botox Injections When You Fear Needles

The fear of needles is so common that many people would prefer to skip any type of treatment that involves an injection. While there is no getting around the fact that the solution must be injected into your skin, there is no need to opt out of a cosmetic procedure that enhances your happiness. If the sight of a needle makes you cringe, try using these tips to get past it and to enjoy the beauty that comes from seeing those fine lines disappear.

Remind Yourself About the Size

One of the first things that you need to know about injectables is that they are actually performed with a very small needle. The needles used in facial treatments are thinner than what would be used to give a traditional health vaccination such as the flu shot. This helps to keep swelling and bleeding down, and you'll find that they don't generate as much of an unpleasant sensation as getting your blood drawn at the doctor's office does.

Select a Good Time for Your Appointment

Anxiety tends to be at its highest during times of stress. Try to make your treatment time for a part of the day when you know that you can relax. For instance, some people prefer to schedule them in the morning or on their lunch break when they are still feeling mentally fresh. You may also choose a time that allows you a few extra minutes before the appointment to do some relaxation exercises such as deep breathing. 

Ask for the Area to be Numbed

You should always be upfront about your fears with the person who performs your Botox treatment. They are accustomed to working with people who fear needles, and they can take extra care to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the short procedure. For instance, some people find that using ice or compressed air to numb the area helps them to feel better about the injection. Certain topical anaesthetics can also be used to give you that extra reassurance that you will not feel a thing.

Maintain the Injections

Botox injections last for several weeks, but you will need to go in for occasional touch-ups to maintain your youthful look. Talk to the person who performs the injections about the ideal schedule to keep your Botox treatment looking its best. In most cases, your touch-up appointments should require fewer injections since there will already still be some of the effects still there. Letting too much time elapse between your appointments could mean having to start all over again, which might mean more injections.

For more information on Botox injections, contact a cosmetic doctor.

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