How To Mentally Prepare For A Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a boon for any woman who wishes she was genetically blessed with larger breasts. There are many practical concerns to take into consideration when planning a breast augmentation, but mentally preparing yourself for the surgery is equally important. Here are four ways you can mentally prepare for your breast augmentation procedure:

1. Be prepared for unexpected emotions.

The vast majority of people who undergo breast augmentation are happy with their results. If you've made a well-considered decision to have cosmetic surgery, you will probably be thrilled with your results too. However, you should be prepared to feel some unexpected emotions. Remember that you'll be physically and emotionally vulnerable directly after surgery. You may feel unexpected sadness at the loss of your old appearance. These feelings will pass, and they don't mean that you've made a mistake. Be prepared for strong emotions and remind yourself of all the reasons you chose a breast augmentation.

2. Understand that swelling will initially distort your appearance.

During surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will insert a saline or silicone implant beneath your mammary tissue or pectoral muscle. In the days and weeks immediately following your surgery, you will notice extensive swelling. This swelling can cause your chest to look distended or "fake," but don't be alarmed. The swelling will subside, and you'll be left with the beautiful appearance of your new breasts.

3. Find a plastic surgeon who cares about your ongoing recovery.

All plastic surgeons should be board-certified and capable of performing breast augmentations. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the human element is also important. Choose a plastic surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and supported. Look for a doctor who places a lot of emphasis on postoperative care. A surgeon who is invested in your ongoing recovery will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have, even months after your operation is over.

4. Consider choosing a larger size.

You may think you know exactly how large you want your breasts to be, but many patients wish they'd chosen larger implants once their breasts have fully healed. Consider this common psychological reaction before finalizing your decision. If there's any chance you may wish for larger breasts in the future, consider choosing the largest implant size you're comfortable with. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through this process. They will ensure you choose implants that will look good on your frame.

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