In A World Of Non-Invasive Procedures, Plastic Surgery Can Still Be The Best Option

Over the years, doctors and scientists have invented a good number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. These procedures can help correct various cosmetic problems without the need for surgery and work well for many patients. However, they have not completely replaced plastic surgery. There are certainly times when plastic surgery is the best way to deal with a cosmetic issue. Here are some of those instances.

1. You want permanent results

A lot of non-invasive cosmetic procedures yield results that last a few months or a year and then fade away. This is true, for example, of filler injections. If you really want permanent results, then plastic surgery tends to be the better choice. Having a facelift, for example, will give you a tighter and more toned face for the rest of your life, whereas filler injections will give you a few months of comfort.

2. You want more dramatic results

Non-invasive procedures have become really popular among those who want a natural look. For example, ultrasonic toning procedures can make the breasts look firmer and more full without making them look unnaturally large. But what if you want a look that's more dramatic than natural? Then, plastic surgery tends to be your best option. For example, if you want to go from C cups to FFF cups, then there's no option other than plastic surgery.

3. You want results that require bone restructuring

There are a lot of non-invasive procedures that can change and impact the soft tissue in your face and elsewhere. However, these procedures cannot modify your bone structure. If you want a smaller nose, there's no non-invasive therapy that can give you that. If you want more prominent cheekbones, no amount of injections, cryotherapy, or sound wave therapy can give those to you. If achieving the look you want would require modifying the bone, then plastic surgery is needed.

4. You want to transform a large part of your body

Most non-invasive procedures are designed to target specific, small parts of the body. For example, injections can add volume to your cheeks. Laser therapy can remove scarring from your forehead or upper arm. If you have a large part of your body that you want entirely transformed, though, that's a job for a plastic surgeon. For example, if you want to remove a large pocket of fat and skin from your midsection, there's really no substitute for a tummy tuck.

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are great, but they have not entirely replaced plastic surgery.

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