Add IV Therapy To Your Beauty Routine For Hydrated And Glowing Skin

When you think of cosmetic treatments, IV (intravenous) therapy may not come to mind. However, you might want to take IVs on a regular basis, or at least try one, to see if it can make a difference in the health of your skin or help with the aging process. Here's what you can expect from an IV treatment and how IV therapy might work as a beauty treatment.

What It's Like To Get IV Therapy

You can get an IV treatment at a clinic or med spa that offers them. You don't need to go to a doctor's office and you don't need a prescription. If you've ever had an IV before for a medical reason, then you know what to expect, because the procedure is the same. If you've never had an IV, you should know there will be a needle injection that shouldn't be too painful. You often just feel the initial jab, and even though the IV may stay in for several minutes, the IV shouldn't cause pain the entire time. Another thing to know about getting an IV is that the drip can make you feel chilly unless the IV bag was stored at body temperature. For that reason, you may want to take a sweater when you go for a beauty IV.

How An IV Can Be Used As A Beauty Treatment

An IV hydrates your body, and the fluid goes directly into your bloodstream. If you're dehydrated, which is a common condition, your skin may be dull and your wrinkles may be more apparent. When you are hydrated well, your skin looks moist, plump, and glowing. This can make your wrinkles look less noticeable. You can get a variety of vitamins and supplements added to your IV. Since they're delivered to your bloodstream, they may be more bioavailable than oral vitamins that have to go through your digestive system. Simply having the right balance of nutrients could make you feel better, have more energy, and have an inner glow that makes you look more attractive. Certain additions to the IV can even target your skin or provide antiaging effects when taken regularly. This might include glutathione, NAD, antioxidants, and biotin. When you have your IV therapy, let the clinic know you want a beauty IV so they can give you the best combination of ingredients to give your skin a hydrated look with a healthy glow. You may want an IV before a special event, but you might gain more benefits by having them on a set schedule. For instance, NAD is an antiaging supplement that can potentially work over the long term when taken regularly to help slow down the aging process.

For more information on IV therapy, contact a med spa near you. 

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