Why Fillers Are Becoming As Popular As Botox

Botox injections have been around for many years now and the stigma around them and cosmetic procedures, in general, has certainly lowered. Not only are they more commonplace than ever before but they are also cheaper, safer, and very easy to access which is better for all involved. However, if you want to try something more than just your standard Botox injections then it may be time to upgrade to fillers. They offer different benefits to Botox but are in the same realm of cosmetic medicine. Here are a few reasons why fillers are becoming more and more popular.

Even Features 

One of the main reasons why fillers are so sought after is because they help provide a more even-looking profile. Whether one side of your face seems to have a tiny sag or for some reason or your jawline or cheeks are not as symmetrical as you would like, fillers can help even this out and make you look like you have always wanted to. While Botox can help in this area it is much less accurate than fillers, and fillers can be placed almost everywhere on the face to ensure a better and more even facial symmetry.

More Volume

Botox solves the issue of wrinkles and some blemishes on the skin but it does not, in any way, plump the skin up or make the area look more full. This can lead to a quite odd look, which some people find really does not match their complexion or overall desired result. Fillers, on the other hand, provide that natural plumpness that so many people are trying to get out of their skin as they get older. Only a tiny amount of filler can have a drastic effect on making your skin look much younger and more natural once again.

Quick And No Fuss

The last thing you want to be doing is taking days to recover from a small procedure, and when it comes to fillers this process has been brought down to the absolute bare minimum time frame. Many people find themselves able to go out the same day as they got their fillers, but if it is your first time, you may want to take that time off work and return the next day. Just like how Botox is now an in-and-out procedure with minimal side effects, the same can be said for fillers. Aside from a little redness that fades very quickly, it is a safe and quick procedure. which is perfect for a modern world where results are needed quickly.

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